Folge 528: Zu Gast war Caddy von Bambix

Songliste: Interpret, Titel, Album
Geld et Nelt — Jingle
Liberty Madness — Drugged Up Fucked Up — Liberty Madness
Bambix — Coffee — 3:15 Am
Johnnie Rook — Rock’n’Roll Nach Plan — 3:15 Am
Not On Tour — Don’t Touch My Stuff — Not On Tour
Bambix — I Wanna Be Who I Am — 3:15 Am
Drunk — Killing Time — The Company Tie
Josephine XV — Im happy they took you away ha-haaa — Napoleon Complex

Interview with Pogoradio

| September 14th, 2006

Hier das Pogoradio-Interview, welches im Maximum Rock’n’Roll #275, April 2006 veröffentlicht worden ist.

Interview with Pogoradio

MAXIMUMROCKNROLL: How long have you been doing Pogoradio? How did you start?

Ruedi: Pogoradio is one of about 100 shows which have been broadcasting at the Bermudafunk since the year 2000. Bermudafunk is a local radio broadcasting station which works as an uncommercial association. It is the alternative to tons of public and dumb commercial radio stations. Our Broadcast exists by the multi cultured influence of the variety and the donations of our members. You can hear the shows in four different cities (Heidelberg, Mannheim, Ludwigshafen, Weinheim). But also as a livestream in the internet. For nearly every music style there is a special show. Besides Pogoradio exist two other punkrock shows, but they suck -huu!! We have also pure political broadcasts about topics like Anti Nuces, Anti fascism, Anti globalisation, Anti sexism …
Bermudafunk was organised and started to fight for its own frequence on the air in the nineties. I’m one of the first members and started directly 2000 and since then every wednesday night I produce a pogoradio show.
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