The Lustkillers

| April 14th, 2009

A contributing member of such notable acts as The Heartdrops (NYC), American Heartbreak (SF), and The Black Halos, Adam Becvare has lived and died across North America to tour the earth, all the while revisiting the self indulgence of his own band The LustKillers.
As the frontman and guitarist for LK, Becvare revels in it’s revolving cast of rogue friends and players stating, „If all we leave this place with is memories, I’m filling mine with the best I can find.“

The LustKillers songs stand as a testament to Becvare’s influences and Rock ’n Roll life story.
Becvare moved to Hollywood at age 18 only to lose it all by 21 in Chicago.

„Everyone hears something different in The Lustkillers. Familiar but fresh, it’s really just Rock ’n Roll and that’s all the punks were trying to recreate in ’77. Everyone’s too fragile and suspicious now. The Lustkillers aren’t afraid to be serious while letting go. It’s about being yourself, honouring your heroes and spreading that Blank Generation/Post Punk Gospel.“
-Giselle Harvard (Harvard Journal of Rock)

The LustKillers songs are edgy, moody, witty and sometimes even charmingly sassy.
… Fast ’n Deadly like The Damned,
… Cool ’n Creepy like The Cramps,
… Dark ’n Lovely not unlike … The Lords??

In 2003, a series of unreleased LK recordings The Black Sugar Sessions began circulating and Becvare was enlisted by founding members Brian James (The Damned) and Dave Tregunna (Sham69) to front their Lords of the New Church Reformation across Europe.

The Homepage at simply read,
„Although, No One can ever replace Stiv Bators, for me this is a great honour to serve justice for a band I owe so much of my youth to.“ — Lust n Daggers, Adam Becvare

The LustKillers.
Not afraid to get serious.
Not afraid of fun.
And not afraid of serious fun.

Italian labels Nicotine and Tornado Ride Records released The LustKillers demos „Black Sugar Sessions“ in 2008, prompting Becvare to enlist a touring LK lineup with James Willetts, Bryan Wilkinson, Roger Segal.

The LustKillers Tour the US and Europe in 2009 while preparing for a new series of recordings by early summer.

~Mark your Calendars and Spread the News~
If you can’t be there kindly forward to those who can.


EUROPEAN TOUR April 15 – May 10 ‚009
Teenage Head Music Presents…
16/04/ Germany/Belgium @ venue tba
17/04/ Berlin – Germany @ Wild at Heart
18/04/ Antwerp – Belgium @ Bar Mondial
19/04/ Coburg – Germany @ Bei Adam
20/04/ Germany tba
21/04/ Germany tba
22/04/ Tubingen – Germany @ Epplehaus
23/04/ Selestat – France @ le Tigre
24/04/ Montbeliard – France @ Route 66
25/04/ Besançon – France @ Passagers du Zinc
26/04/ Geneva – Switzerland @ L’Usine
27/04/ St Etienne – France @ T-bird lounge
28/04/ Valence – France @ Mistral Palace
29/04/ Clermont Ferrand – France @ Rat Pack
30/04/ Vicenza – Italy @ Sabotage Bar
1/05/ Milano – Italy @ KM33
2/05/ Siena (Colle Valdelsa) – Italy @ Sonar
3/05/ Modena – Italy @ Mr Off
4/05/ Torino – Italy @ Manhattan
5/05/ Barcelona, Spain – @ Estraperlo Club
6/05/ Gerona – Spain @ tba
7/05/ Orihuela – Spain – La Gramola
8/05/ Valencia – Spain @ Sala Durango
9/05/ Burgos – Spain @ Estudio 27
10/05/ Madrid – Spain @ Gruta 77

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