Interview with Pogoradio

| September 14th, 2006

Hier das Pogoradio-Interview, welches im Maximum Rock’n’Roll #275, April 2006 veröffentlicht worden ist.

Interview with Pogoradio

MAXIMUMROCKNROLL: How long have you been doing Pogoradio? How did you start?

Ruedi: Pogoradio is one of about 100 shows which have been broadcasting at the Bermudafunk since the year 2000. Bermudafunk is a local radio broadcasting station which works as an uncommercial association. It is the alternative to tons of public and dumb commercial radio stations. Our Broadcast exists by the multi cultured influence of the variety and the donations of our members. You can hear the shows in four different cities (Heidelberg, Mannheim, Ludwigshafen, Weinheim). But also as a livestream in the internet. For nearly every music style there is a special show. Besides Pogoradio exist two other punkrock shows, but they suck -huu!! We have also pure political broadcasts about topics like Anti Nuces, Anti fascism, Anti globalisation, Anti sexism …
Bermudafunk was organised and started to fight for its own frequence on the air in the nineties. I’m one of the first members and started directly 2000 and since then every wednesday night I produce a pogoradio show.

MAXIMUMROCKNROLL: Are all of your old shows available on the web site? Do you podcast?

Ruedi: The Internet is a great and cheap instrument for communication. At the moment you can download the last 20 episodes on my website or by podcast.

Podcasting is a cool thing, that shows that everybody could make their own show at home for the outside world. Unfortunately I don’t know so many podcast punkshows.
At my podcast you can also download lot of uncutted interviews I have made.

MAXIMUMROCKNROLL: Do you have guests on the show every week? How do you choose your guests?

Ruedi: Everyone who wants to come to the show is invited. But the guests may reckon that I could fuck them. Depends on my mood. Some guests have already left the studio, before the show was over. No Shit! But most of the times the guests are good friends of mine, who want to visit me for some free beer. Then they tell a pack of lies on the show like stories about cop/ fashist bashing, starting riots, having drugs I’ve never heard before, and about really weird sexual experience or simply commiting crimes. But also punkbands, fanzine editors, movie makers, concert organizers use the possibility for promoting themselves on Pogoradio.

MAXIMUMROCKNROLL: You do a lot of talking between songs. Since I don’t speak German, tell me what the hell you guys talk about. It sounds like you’re having a lot of fun. Do you get drunk when you do the show?

Ruedi: Of course I get drunk, sometimes my guests are talking so much shit that I need to booze a lot. Lifeís hard!
By the way there is a beer brewery in munich, which is owned by Punks. Their beer is called Pogorausch. The first independent german beer brewery in the hand of punks and it tastes great! Every month I get ten cases of Pogorausch. And I have to drink the 240 beer bottles with my guests every month … again and again a vicious circleÖ. so you see producing a radio show is not very complicated. I have made some interviews on concerts, I couldn’t remember the next day!
Well, what are we talking about? It depends on the guest I have. Some know a lot about Punk rock music history and special secrets about bands. Other guests are talking about the punk scene in foreign countries like Spain, Venzuela, Hungary, Poland, Russia … And others tell about personality problems, like being straight edge, veganism or living on trees … the main thing is it has to be entertaining!

MAXIMUMROCKNROLL: How do you decide which songs to play? Do you buy a lot of the records or do you mostly play records that bands and labels send to you? Do you spend a lot of time seeking out new music and looking for mp3’s on the Internet?

Ruedi: A very bad thing is, most guests bring their own music to the show. But it’s up to me which music is punkrock enough to get broadcast. Generally I don’t buy CDs and I’m not a record collector. But where the hell do I get my music from, you wanna know – huu? I have some resources: One is my roomie, who does a fanzine called „Punkrock!“. He gets a lot of promo stuff. I get promo stuff too. Especially D.I.Y. stuff, directly from the bands themselves. I also download a lot of songs from the band’s homepages. I’m glad for bands sending me MP3s by email. – Thank You!

MAXIMUMROCKNROLL: Do people ever get mad at you about what you say or play on the show?

Ruedi: Yep, Pogoradio is a real punkrockshow.
I’ve never got beaten up for what I said in the show. But I wouldn’t be surprised if someone did.

MAXIMUMROCKNROLL: Do you only play music by bands on independent labels? Where do you draw the line on what you will and will not play?

Ruedi: I prefer to play bad, smaller unknown Punkbands, than popular bands which were playing on comercial radio or MTV. I want to support the local scenes not only here but from all over the world. Like some band that just recorded there first 3 songs in their garage, basement or bedroom.

MAXIMUMROCKNROLL: Is Pogoradio political? What is your basic political stance? Do you discuss politics on the show?

Ruedi: Pogoradio is political as punkrock is political. I’m against all kinds of patriotism, sexism, fascism, racism, cruelty to animals, religious fanatics, soccer, unpunctual guests, (I hate to wait, a friend of mine called me, time nazi) and shit like that. I just tell my opinion on whats going on.

MAXIMUMROCKNROLL: What else does the Pogoradio web site offer besides your weekly radio show?

Ruedi: The Website offers a discussion forum. A lot of Bandmembers, Concert-Organizers, Fanzine writers or other weird boring punks writing their shit in it.

Last words: greetings to the pogoradio listeners worldwide – have a nice fight and don’t forget the fun! cheers!


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